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placemaking is about more than decor

This is Seattle, right, the home of the coffee meeting. I have just concluded a couple of these at Starbucks; where else? The eponymous coffee brewer has defined the premium coffee chain category and has become the default off – site, out – of – the – house venue for working/meeting countrywide. But the interesting thing about today’s meeting on Seattle’s Eastside, was that this store was in the middle of remodeling. We got bare concrete floors and walls, and exposed metal studs and the place was still jammed; every table taken and about 70% of the patrons apparently engaged in meetings or working alone. The point is that this location has apparently become so firmly established that people will patronize it even when the furnishings are closer to a church basement than an upscale coffee bar. The brand is so strongly associated with the new style of work that it transcends decor. I’m wondering what will happen when the makeover is actually finished? Will business go down?


We develop and market energy efficiency strategies and technologies. We focus on the building and transportation sectors, which account for more than two thirds of the energy budget.