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Wishkah sample: Young Street Bridge

Nirvana Labs Job Number: (All Apologies…)
Olfactory: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Sample Date: 11/7/18
Sample Type: Wishkah Elixir
Location: Aberdeen, WA, Wishkah River, Young Street Bridge
Sampling Technician: EEC
Weather Conditions: Wet and dreary as usual

Where’s the Automation in Building Construction?

This story began a few months ago when I started looking at building sites still dominated by manual labor. Even today, structures are in many respects hand built. Where are opportunities for automation?

Living with the Smart City; and Making Construction Smarter

Have you noticed how the Smart City seems to have appropriated much of what used to be called urban planning? Virtually every city physical function is now a test bed for data driven approaches, often augmented with sensors and controls. All this is mediated by code. This situation squares with Marc Andreessen’s assertion that “software [...]

urban design implications of the smart city – and the cloud

For any given location in a large city in the developed word there are dozens of data points and feeds in the cloud. Some of these information streams fall under the category of Smart City initiatives: street lights reporting themselves in need of replacement, traffic and weather, parking spaces and EV charging stations available, buses [...]

the future of Seattle

I recently appeared as a panelist at the University of Washington on the Future of Seattle.  Here are my talking points on the City and the Region – mostly oriented to environment, innovation and planning.
It’s the Seattle/Puget Region, not Simply the City
When we talk about Seattle, the City, proper, usually gets the attention. In fact [...]

making the cloud of environmental data visible for the Puget region

Seattle is the center of cloud computing. What if we could literally see a little piece of that metaphorical cloud; a part that monitors and describes what’s happening in our local environment? It could help us better understand and manage our region. To this end I’ve conceived a proposed art/science/geography installation called “Transect.”
The premise for [...]

wazzup with houellebecq; the map and the territory

I’ve just finished Michel Houellebecq’s The Map and the Territory. There’s also a piece in this week’s New Yorker about him and his new book, Submission, which imagines France with an elected Islamist President and has been widely lauded as prescient, given recent events.
But, back to The Map…it is not an elegantly written book. Nominally [...]

geography informing politics; a project retrospective in the mediterranean

I have recently revisited a project completed more than 20 years ago; a Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis of the Mediterranean Basin conducted as a consultant for the World Bank.  In the early 90’s the Bank was intrigued to see if geographic information could help inform a region – wide environmental [...]

A few observations prompted by Philae and space ventures in general

Until recently the concept of “space” has seemed stuck in time to me, if not relegated to the past. The space station is a relic of the the 80’s/90’s and with no Shuttle, now served by Russian rockets built in the 70’s, even more of a nostalgic 20th Century endeavor. I’ve also viewed space tourism [...]

cross laminated timber; a promising new (old) technology

I have recently researched the Washington State market and sketched some scenarios for the environmental and economic benefits of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Timber construction has been around forever, but CLT is a contemporary update on an old building technique that can play a significant role in urban construction, while limiting carbon emissions. Read my [...]


We develop and market energy efficiency strategies and technologies. We focus on the building and transportation sectors, which account for more than two thirds of the energy budget.